We take pride in our power to build from the ground-up unique sites and technology infrastructure. Our dedicated team of programmers develop all of our technology in-house. Since the beginning in 2007 Busca Corp is a leader in innovation building fast growing online communities. With a state of the art interactive platform, Levelup a Busca Corp property is the largest video game community in Mexico and Latam.

Our ability to provide a top notch platform in combination with generating high quality content allows for high levels of user engagement and interaction. We keep on innovating with better and more useful technology that allows easy access and web navigation to all of our sites.

Our network focuses in joining Spanish-Speaking users into cohesive and interactive online communities. Users recognize the value of our sites because of the navigability and premium content that we provide day by day. Innovation and strategic alliances is a main driver for success in our network.

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We offer online marketing solutions and platforms, which enable marketers to display advertisements in a range of creative formats and custom-made marketing initiatives. We also offer platform deals by driving traffic to your websites.

Our Audience

Busca Corp, The leading digital entertainment network for Mexico, Latin America and the U.S Hispanic markets. Our properties generate more than 15 Million page views and have mass influence in the Spanish-Speaking community. Levelup a prime Busca Corp creation is the leading online video game news and social media outlet.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: make digital content readily for internet users. We are beacon of clarity and bring innovative solutions to the table. Making things simple encompass a great work accomplish by our determination to help in integrating valuable and useful information to our network of users.